Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I download these chapters?
If you are getting "You are not authorized to view this" or "This page does not exist" then the site hosting the chapters are unavalible at the moment. Most often it is only a bandwidth issue, however sometimes the host may just have died. We will try to replace the host as soon as possible, but until then, please try our IRC channel.
When will manga title be released?
We are trying as hard as possible to get these done, but school or our jobs often get in the way. Please be patient, we are trying our best to get them out!
I thought there were twelve chapters for each xxxHOLiC volume? Where are the rest of the chapters in each volume, you only list six or eight?
There are twelve magazine chapters for each xxxHOLiC volume. In our re-edits, we will be following the volume chapters. Each volume has around six to eight volume chapters. The twelve magazine chapters are compressed into the six-eight volume chapters. We are not missing chapters, we are compressing them. So that is why there are often chapters of more than 14 pages (the regular size for a magazine chapter). Does that make sense now? 12 magazine chapters = 1 volume = 6-8 volume chapters.