Be With You Scans would greatly appreciate donations from the community in the form of tankoubons (volumes of manga), web hosting space for direct downloads, or donations of your time by becoming staff.

If you would like to give these kinds of donations, please contact Chara (see contact page).

We do accept monetary donations as well, which would be spent on buying tankoubons. Be With You Scans is not-for-profit.

Make a Donation
Name Donation
Blueinle Hosting Tsubasa
Coriolis Hosting various latest scans
Kash Nozu Hosting 100MB
North101 Hosting various scans
Starshine Hosting X
VRWarper Hosting All Tsubasa Chapters
Animud Hosting Tsubasa
Emelia Owain Hosting Tsubasa
Kinday Hosting 10MB of Tsubasa
Steven Zhang Tsubasa Version 1, xxxHolic v02 Version 1
T. Chan Vu xxxHOLiC v03-05, Hyper Run v01-04, Rex v01
Supaprat Panyarachun $15 for Deryad Volume 1
Aquilo Hosting Chobits and xxxHOLiC
Delude Hosting Chobits and Clover
Terrill Belsky $10 for Busou Renkin Volume 7