Be With You Scans' IRC channel is located at

If you are unfamiliar with IRC, you are welcome to ask general questions in our channel, or in #help. While there are many IRC clients, a few popular ones include mIRC, X-Chat, or KVIrc for Windows; Ircle or Colloquy for Macintosh OS X; or X-Chat, KVIrc, or Konversation for Linux.

Channel Rules

  1. Use of @find = Kick unless you are voiced (type !voiceme), HOped or Oped.
  2. No Offensive Nicks or Guest Nicks, get a real one! (Type: /nick NEWNICK)
  3. Do not spam the channel in any way.
  4. Please close f-serve windows when you are done with them (don't camp).
  5. Please disable f-serve ads- set them to silent. Fake f-serves will get you banned.
  6. Homophobic comments will result in you being laughed at/kicked/banned.
  7. Respect the OPs, because they are always right. Even when they aren't.
  8. Check the direct download links on the site before you say you can't find it.
  9. If you are having trouble using IRC or getting a manga, ask in the channel. If someone is there, they will try to help.

General IRC Tips

  1. In most IRC channels, when you highlight something it automatically copies it without colours or formatting. This is very useful when copying triggers.
  2. On IRChighway type /mode $me -x to be increase your chances of connecting to all Fservs.