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Author Topic: Tsubasa v16 c121  (Read 2171 times)


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Tsubasa v16 c121
« on: June 05, 2008, 10:36:42 PM »

Be With You Scans has functionally been on hiatus for a long time now, and a lot of people have questioned whether there will still be high quality Tsubasa scanlations from this place. The answer is obviously: yes.

The raw for v16 were not the ideal tankoubon scans, but here is HQ Tsubasa v16 c121. Yes, that is a direct download.

There have been some changes made here- Earth-Dragon is no longer going to be the leader of Be With You Scans- I will be instead. This is because Earthy has a lot of RL obligations, and this will mean more releases from here forward, since I do have the time. Nearly all DDLs on this site do not work, I will change that slowly.

I am also short on staff. Nothing happening here in so long means a lot of staff (particularly translators) assumed we weren't releasing and moved on with their lives.

I need Japanese or Chinese translators for everything other than HOLiC, editors for everything other than HOLiC, and QCers. My email has changed and is now chara.redth at gmail dot com. Experience preferred, not required. You may show me an existing chapter you've edited (must contain double-page(s)), or send me your finished editing test. This is a new test- if you took the old one you can send that to my new email as well. If you are not accepted I will reply only if you ask me to.

If you only have very basic Japanese skills or don't want to commit too much time to scanlating, I need someone to translate minor things like sound effects, chapter titles, and random sentences when I am not sure the existing translation is correct. These are on-the-fly translations and I would expect them done very quickly, from same-day to two days max. Preferably someone who uses IRC, but any other form of communication is fine as long as you are reasonably prompt.

I would LOVE YOU FOREVER if someone could give us a fast, real 24/7 XDCC bot for BWYS releases.
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