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Author Topic: The chapter with the hands  (Read 3379 times)


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The chapter with the hands
« on: May 03, 2010, 08:21:28 AM »

Anyone remember the chapter with the hands? It's close to the beginning of the series.  Watanuki sees some random hands popping out of a couple weird places, including straight out of the ground near a water fountain.

You see that some people can see the hands, but not all.  One of the boys at the fountain could and went to touch it, and Watanuki stops it, and when the hand catches the lunchbox he dropped, it vanishes.  There's dialogue saying that a lot of children disappear in that area lately, obviously from touching the hand by mistake.

This chapter was never explained and even now (finished all of BWYS's chapters) I always expect something to come out of it. ._. Does anyone get what this chapter was on about? Or was it just a random mystery for fun?