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From my point of view, the appeal of Rui is mostly his character. He's a white knight, an ideal boyfriend, yet he's the friend and not the boyfriend. For other girls I've asked so far, they didn't find him particularly attractive at first, but his character's persona grew on them and then they became Rui fangirls. So its interesting to see someone who is hot for Rui off the bat :)

I think I'd be hot for any guy who likes to hang out alone in a fire escape away from his popular friends and listen to the crazy girl talking to herself . And in the drama, it was Shun Oguri with a book- it'd be tough not to fall for him ^_^. Especially when all you want to do with the main protagonist of the series (Tsukasa) is either
a) laugh at him like he's your idiot little brother
b) choke him.

Rui wins, every time.


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