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Author Topic: Code Geass Mutuality  (Read 8137 times)


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Code Geass Mutuality
« on: July 26, 2009, 06:09:34 PM »

Well well well this has been a long time coming. While I was looking for the raws for the Code Geass DVD omakes we did a while back, nokiirat brought up the two page short story in Mutuality. I was able to get the staff together to do it, so at long last here it is.

I have typeset and released it as a PDF, which I believe is the most sensible way to download and read a short story like this. I'd recommend full screening while reading.

The page numbers at the bottom don't seem to make sense, but they refer to which page they were on in Mutuality and not the order of pages in our English edition. Obviously, less English text fits on a page than in Japanese. (3.7 MB)