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Author Topic: Deep Love Pao's Tale v02c10  (Read 1964 times)


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Deep Love Pao's Tale v02c10
« on: March 21, 2009, 01:19:31 AM »

Meanwhile on IRC...

[10:57] <Chara> I forgot!
[10:57] <Chara> We're releasing now
[10:58] <Maris> not that i have a problem with it but didn't we just release yesterday?
[10:58] <Maris> are we doing 3 releases/week now?
[10:58] <Chara> Yeah, we did
[10:58] <Chara> Well I forgot I told immi to release Deep Love on Thursday

And so that's what's going down.

Deep Love Pao's Tale v02c10
/msg [BWYS]Kurorin xdcc send #46

QC apps closed unless you can translate SFX and are as good as the posts in the demo QCs.

EDIT: DDLs for this and all the other recent releases are up.
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