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Author Topic: 3gatsu no Lion v01c04 HQ  (Read 2444 times)


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3gatsu no Lion v01c04 HQ
« on: March 08, 2009, 10:19:02 PM »

Nearly forgot to update the site! Meanwhile, March comes in like a penguin, at least for me. This chapter was relatively pleasurable to typeset, there was only one panel with crazy cats, and although there were a few tough spots in the script, nothing onerously difficult to work through like shogi. Viva chapters like this one.

3gatsu no Lion v01c04 HQ
/msg [BWYS]Kurorin xdcc send #4

It seems that c05 will follow relatively soon.

By the way we are still in need of QCs. I have made public two demo QC threads to show you what QCs do in BWYS and what is expected of them.

DEMO QC: Tsubasa v19c144 - FOR QC
DEMO QC: Tsubasa v20c152 - FOR QC
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