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Author Topic: Clow Timeline (SPOILERS)  (Read 6999 times)


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Clow Timeline (SPOILERS)
« on: January 04, 2009, 02:53:07 AM »

Basically trying to chart this mess spawning 3+ manga that is all rooted with the existence of Mr. Reed.
Since this includes the whole CLAMPverse, only manga and works directly created by CLAMP are considered canon here (no anime).

Comment to contribute to the timeline, I'll edit it into this post.

- MKR!Mokona is bored and creates all of the worlds

- Clow is born in England

- Clow creates a new form of magic by combining Chinese magic with European sorcery

- Clow creates 19 Clow Cards, Keroberus, and Yue

- Clow meets Yuuko

- Clow and Yuuko encounter MKR!Mokona

- Clow and Yuuko learn from MKR!Mokona that there are other dimensions

- Clow and Yuuko create Soel and Larg in the image of MKR!Mokona

- Clow feels greatly burdened by his magical powers and his Dreamseer abilities which he cannot control and creates A Master Plan to rid himself of them

- Clow dies in Tomoeda and splits his existence into two reincarnations: Fujitaka Kinomoto and Eriol Hiiragizawa, intending to split his magic equally between the two

- Clow fails, Eriol receives all of Clow's magical power and memories

- Eriol goes to Britian to plot Another Master Plan, Fujitaka stays in Tomoeda

- Eriol halts his growth to retain the appearance of a 10 year old

- Eriol creates Ruby Moon and Spinel Sun

- February 29th - Touya Kinomoto is born to Fujitaka and Nadeshiko Kinomoto

- April 1st - Sakura Kinomoto is born to Fujitaka and Nadeshiko Kinomoto

- July 13th - Li Syaoran is born, descended from Clow's mother's side of the family who are Chinese

- Syaoran's father passes his jian sword onto his son

- The Li family move from mainland China to Hong Kong

- Yue, is awakened as Yukito, and becomes close to the Kinomoto family by transferring to Tomoeda High and befriending Touya

- Sakura Kinomoto releases the Clow Cards in the basement of her Tomoeda residence

- Keroberus is awakened and names Sakura Card Captor

- Syaoran moves to Japan to pursue the Clow Cards and compete with Sakura

- Sakura captures all 19 cards

- Sakura passes the Final Judgment and becomes the Mistress of Clow by combining the power of the sun and the moon to create a new form of magic- the power of the stars

- Syaoran falls in love with Sakura

- Eriol moves to Japan and transfers to Tomoeda Secondary School

- Sakura successfully transforms all 19 cards into Sakura Cards

- Sakura comes more powerful than Clow and gains control over Dreamseer abilities

- Sakura completes the reincarnation and transfers half of Eriol's magic to Fujitaka

- Eriol returns to Britain

- Sakura realizes she loves Syaoran, disproving Clow's prediction that she would stay in love with Yukito

- Syaoran returns to Hong Kong to settle an 'unfinished family business'

- Syaoran returns to Japan to be with Sakura

- Sakura gives birth to Syaoran Jr.

- Syaoran passes his jian sword onto his son

- Syaoran Jr. travels to Clow Country via Yuuko and meets Princess Sakura

- Princess Sakura is cursed by Fei Wong Reed

- Syaoran Jr. reverses time by seven years, resulting in the creation of Kimihiro Watanuki

- Syaoran Jr. thinks that Sakura and Syaoran have died as repercussion for his reversal of time

- Syaoran Jr. is cloned and locked up by Fei Wong Reed

- Princess Sakura is cloned by Fei Wong Reed

- Clone!Sakura's memories are scattered across dimensions in the form of feathers

- Clone!Syaoran travels across dimensions to search for feathers via Yuuko

- Yuuko confirms that CCS!Sakura and CCS!Syaoran are alive and awaiting their sons in an alternate dimension

- Clone!Syaoran and Clone!Sakura arrive in Tokyo, which is Clow Country in the past

- Seven years later, Syaoran Jr. breaks free, travels to Yuuko's shop and confronts Clone!Syaoran

- Clone!Sakura leaves a feather in Tokyo (Clow Country's past)

- Clone!Syaoran travels alone across dimensions to search for feathers

- Clone!Sakura dies

- Syaoran Jr., Kurogane and Fay travel to Clow Country to confront Fei Wong Reed

- Clone!Syaoran dies
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Re: Clow Timeline (SPOILERS)
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2009, 05:20:43 PM »

Hmm...this is pretty much the same as I understood the time flow, but one things keeps disturbing me. Clow is depicted in CCS to have lived before a long time. A very long time. That means, that Yuuko is supposed to be very old herself, as she met Clow while he was still alive. Yet she doesn't look old.

I do come up with a possible solution - her magic might be extending her lifespan(as with other characters who posses strong magical powers) and she simply halted her aging, as Eriol did - but this explanation never feels right to me. I don't know why.


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Re: Clow Timeline (SPOILERS)
« Reply #2 on: January 08, 2009, 06:54:24 PM »

Yeah, CLAMP has said that magic extends lifespans before, so its not weird for Yuuko to be 300 in human years and look 30.

CLAMP has suggested that Clow and Yuuko are very old, at least more than a century. And that Clow died a loooong time ago. But in the Soel Larg book... there are things in there that are that are not old looking. Like sky scrapers and modern umbrellas... Oops?


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Re: Clow Timeline (SPOILERS)
« Reply #3 on: January 08, 2009, 10:06:04 PM »

Parallel dimensions. They explain everything.


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Re: Clow Timeline (SPOILERS)
« Reply #4 on: February 12, 2009, 02:36:26 PM »

acid tokyo is the past of clow kingdom.