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Author Topic: DEMO QC: Tsubasa v20c152 - FOR QC *update #2*  (Read 11823 times)


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DEMO QC: Tsubasa v20c152 - FOR QC *update #2*
« on: November 30, 2008, 07:03:48 AM »

This thread is a real demo of the BWYS QC process. I've made this public to show anyone interested in the QC position a working example of the kind of forum-based collaborative QC process as it happens in BWYS.

To start off, I will create a thread in the staff board with a chapter of manga that needs to be looked at. I have not assigned this chapter to these QCs, they are QCs so they will check their section of the forum regularly to see if there's anything needing to be done that they would be willing to do. Once someone posts a list of problems, I will then update the download link in the first post with a corrected file. I then make a new post to say that I've made the corrections and change the thread topic so that others can tell it's been updated. 

Some of the QCs make SFX corrections as well because they are able to read the Japanese. This is not compulsory but would be very helpful. (note: this link now leads to the final, released version of this chapter)

If anyone's free and wants to, look it over and tell me if there are any mistakes.
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Re: Tsubasa v20c152 - FOR QC
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2008, 01:19:29 AM »

Even if I was -> Even if I were

if Fay does that -> If Fay does that,

He won't be -> he won't be

-> sfx: ga (wham)

lol untranslated -> But...

-> sfx: gui (jerk)

-> sfx: fui (fwip)

That's a very tactless... -> Above being extremely rude, that's a very tasteless way to address me, isn't it?

There's no point... -> It's impossible to chase after it now.

The princess -> The Princess

last bubble -> text looks off-center because of the way the bubble is cut off... not sure if there's a better positioning though

Who's he? -> Who's that?

I don't know what I'll do. -> I don't know what he'll do. (I think this makes more sense >_>)

-> sfx: pa (hop)

"Syaoran" and -> "Syaoran," and (comma)

Sakura... the princess... -> I knew, but I didn't say anything.

And that was because / she trusted you. -> That was because Sakura... the Princess, / she trusted you. (can break after Sakura if it doesn't fit)

-> sfx: poko poko poko (rub rub rub) ?

Shiro-manjuu -> should we translate this? 'white bun'??

What an excessive behavior! -> What excessive behaviour! (note sp change in 'behaviour')

-> sfx: tan (clunk) / (thunk)

The one to be stabbed to death, -> The one that the magician stabs to death,

It was supposed -> That was supposed

that "Syaoran." -> remove 'that'

Exchanging herself... -> Changing the target to herself and going so far as to throw away her good luck and right leg,

One curse cast -> The first curse that was cast


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Re: Tsubasa v20c152 - FOR QC *update #1*
« Reply #2 on: December 20, 2008, 12:07:03 AM »

Updated the link with a fixed version as per the previous post(s).
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Re: Tsubasa v20c152 - FOR QC *update #1*
« Reply #3 on: December 22, 2008, 01:22:40 AM »


anything -> at all (for clarity)


isn't it? -> don't you think?

(LOL at the scene thus far!!)


The 'besides' looks cramped... would it deviate too far if we changed it to a shorter word to fit the bubble, such as 'and'? >>;;;
(there is still time -> she still has time?)
...The -> ...the (for future reference, a word directly following beginning ellipses should be lowercase, unless it is a proper noun. if it wants to be capitalized, there should be a space between the word and the ellipses i.e. '... The')


cut 'that was'


shiro-manjuu -> white muffin (?? do we usu. translate it?)


regained -> regains
that was supposed to be -> cut that


having... future -> after regaining her magical powers, the princess foresaw this future and tried to avoid it, (note comma at end)
right leg, -> right leg. (comma -> period)
gone along as I had planned -> gone according to plan (personal op.)


that was cast -> cut 'that was'

Also, p8 sounds kind of funny. Is that what he actually says?
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Re: Tsubasa v20c152 - FOR QC *update #1*
« Reply #4 on: December 23, 2008, 05:01:54 AM »



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Re: Tsubasa v20c152 - FOR QC *update #2*
« Reply #5 on: January 01, 2009, 03:04:28 AM »

Blue text = Comments by Foxfire
Green text = Comments by kiwiish

As the blood shed -> Just as much as the blood shed

Princess' -> Princess's this is also on p16
Then you wouldn't -> Then you can't be the only one who goes there
Dust in his fist if you want to fix that.

"Above being" -> "Aside from being" -> I don't personally see a problem w/'above being', but I'm fine with 'aside from' too

wants -> is really after

Some dust near the hair in the top left corner.

the descendant of -> should have been the descendant of
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