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Work in progress thread.

Anime News Network: Anime Expo 2006 - CLAMP Focus Panel and Press Conference

Taipei International: Interview with Ageha Ohkawa and Mitsuhisa Ishikawa

The New York Times: Four Mothers of Manga Gain American Fans With Expertise in a Variety of Visual Styles

Animedia Clamp Interview - translation by usomitai

The Making Of CLAMP Mokona no Okimono Kimono VOL. 1 - translation by chibiyuuto

The Making Of CLAMP Mokona no Okimono Kimono VOL. 2 - translation by chibiyuuto

PUFF magazine - The Truth Behind X's Hiatus - excerpt translation by Manga Jouhou

Quick Magazine: Ageha Ohkawa and Shouko Nakagawa - pictures from the interview posted at chibiyuuto's LiveJournal

SICAF Summary, original interview (Korean) - summary by nokiirat

Top Runner: CLAMP Interview 2005 - fansubbed by Mognet

Wanna Gonna: CLAMP Interview 2007 (Japanese) - screencaps and DDL links by chibiyuuto
Part 1 @ Nico Nico Douga | Part 2 @ Nico Nico Douga

Yahoo! Japan: Interview with Mokona 2007 (Japanese) - translated by Google

Yomiuri Online: Interview with Mokona 2007 (Japanese)

Young Magazine: CLAMP x Oohara Sayaka Special Interview in Kyoto 2007 - translated by Carlos Net

Masters of Manga: CLAMP Interview - DDL provided by chibiyuuto

Bande Dessin´┐Że Festival 2008 - translated by kei-san77

Japan Expo CLAMP interview (French)
Japan Expo CLAMP interview - translated by Aurelia

A Grown-up Theory of Love: Maaya Sakamoto's 15h Anniversary interview with CLAMP 2010 - translated by deltafour


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